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Multilingual Playschool

Play & Discover

Sensory Stimulation

Creativity: A Gift for Life

Infant Massage

Music in German with Nuria

Newborn Photography Service


Multilingual Playschool


Four hours in the morning, from 9.00 to 13.00, is dedicated to the youngest age group of 12-36 months. Through educational games and experimentation, we cultivate the integral psychomotor, academic, and emotional development of the child. We have created a warm and safe environment with native Catalan, Spanish, and English staff prepared and qualified in innovative teaching methodologies (Montessori, Waldorf, Goldsmschmied).


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After Play

A service that complements the Playschool morning. There are limited spaces for this service however we hope that this will allow some families a little more time to develop their projects knowing that children are especially catered for. Lunch must be provided from home, includes a short rest period and finishes with an afternoon activity.

Open Monday to Friday 13-17


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Play & Discover


This is a continuation of our Playschool activities. It is a fusion of activities where we develop all the abilities of the youngest children in a playful and experimental way. Specifically, we focus on the development of psychomotor skills, symbolic play, heuristic games, crafts, and lots of fun. The children learn by playing and interacting, and we lead some magical sessions that leave us all amazed!


Multilingual activity (Spanish-English)


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Sensory Stimulation

A beautiful activity to do with your little one while they discover the world around them, giving them the support and confidence they need. Working with textures, shapes, colours, sounds and tastes, it’s the perfect way to see them grow and share such a great moment.
Divided into two different groups (6 to 12 months and 12 to 24 months) in order to adapt to the specific characteristics of each stage.

Age: 6 to 24 months

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Infant Massage

This includes educational sessions on infant massage and effective nutrition. The massages for the baby provide many benefits, both to the mother and the child. In addition to relaxing and enjoying a very pleasant feeling of well-being, you can relieve many of the most common disorders in infants, such as infant colic or sleep problems. For the mother, massaging her baby not only allows her to provide her child with greater physical and emotional well-being, but it is also a way to get to know her child better and to more quickly read his or her moods.

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Baby Music: 0 to  36 months


“Expression through music at an early age is a very valuable channel to learn and grow happily”

—American Methodology for newborns E. Gordon Eugènia Tort: psychologist, pedagogue and specialist in music education.


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Collection service for children from 3 years of age in the following schools:

Perez Iborra
Ecole Francaise Ferdinad de Lesseps (Valencia Street)

It is possible to add other schools near the center with a minimum of 4 children enrolled in the same school and with the same departure time.

The activities of Happy Ludo Time are aimed at children between the ages of 3-7 years, as the games and language-learning follow the same developmental pattern. The workshops focus on learning through play in a structured but very dynamic session, which encourages the use of spontaneous language. It is used to accompany language-learning at school, at home, or in academies. Happy Ludo Time allows children to have fun while learning in a relaxed environment, with a different program and theme each day. For two hours, the children are in complete contact with their teacher in English for total linguistic immersion. BIO snack time is included in the price, also in English.

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Play Yoga:  It’s exactly that, playing yoga. As children start this wonderful journey, they learn to trust themselves, to move their body, and most importantly, to relax. Dynamic sessions include games that develop fundamental skills like psychomotor control and balance, while teaching the kids fun mantras, yoga Asanas postures, and routines that will help them to concentrate and relax.

Age 4-7 years

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Metal Dalcroze Music

The Jaques-Dalcroze rhythmic method is based on three pillars: music, movement, and coordination.
Working with the rhythm, the children experience the natural continuity of musical language, the study of an instrument, musical improvisation, and the techniques of corporal expression of dance and choreography.
This method reinforces auditory and motor skills, memory, and concentration, while also educating sensitivity, spontaneity, and the capacity for quick representation. In addition, it stimulates creativity and a harmonious integration of the individual’s sensory and mental faculties.
Rhythmic education is essentially an active pedagogy that completes general education. It is both a method of musical education and a musical method of education.

Ages 4-7 years


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Robotics in English- Target English
Robotics is considered to be the next boom of the century and will play an essential role in the future. With this premise in mind, we want to help our students develop skills to meet this need.
Students will have the opportunity to design, create, and build their own robots in classes. We will cultivate all the technologically necessary skills to be competent in the 21st century. Creating and programming robots goes hand-in-hand with problem-solving skills, and this is nourished by children’s natural curiosity, which is exactly where the great and transformative ideas are born. The future lies not only in using technology, but also in creating it. To understand robotics, children learn to code and program, and with this, they are given a new mental structure that allows them to access more opportunities.
In teams, we will build Lego robots with motors and sensors, and together we will learn to program them to perform fun tasks.
The classes are bilingual (Spanish and English), and we adapt the language to the level of the student.

Ages 7-11 years


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Playing in Chinese with the collaboration of Nanny Mandarin
The children will learn without any effort and having a very important language for their future.
It is considered that Chinese will be one of the most spoken languages in the world in the next few years!
A native Chinese teacher specialized in children’s education will accompany you in this new adventure of play, creativity and learning. An important gift for life.

Ages 4-11 years

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An essential aid for all primary school children. This activity includes a dedicated teacher to accompany and help the kids with daily homework (also in English). It lasts one and a half hours with a snack and school pick-up service included.

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Family Activities


We will explore the world of sound, while also developing creativity, musical sensibility, and German language skills.

Language is a rhythm and melody, which is why music is an ideal medium to cultivate children’s linguistic development. We will sing and dance popular children’s songs, as well as learn new songs.

This also improves attention span, and the inherent structure of music helps increase the child’s self-confidence. This is why repetition in songs is so important. Music deepens our social bond in a positive way, and through this activity, we will learn a new language: that of music, rhythm and song!

Ages 1-6 years

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The perfect space to play with your child, regardless of the weather. Our interactive play space is ideal for an afternoon of laughter and family fun.

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Price: 7€ / family

Mandatory reservation: [email protected]


This is an activity that contributes enormously to the development of a child’s cognitive and creative abilities. It allows the child to explore their senses by pouring, mixing, squeezing and crushing materials that are not normally available to them.

In addition, the child is free to explore all kinds of possibilities because they do not have to produce any specific object. It feeds on the child’s innate curiosity about the world and their irresistible desire to try new things and experiment.

The children, accompanied by their mothers, fathers, grandparents, or babysitters … can enjoy playing and experimenting in a space full of new things in a way that is not always allowed at home.

A beautiful and fun moment to share with your children.

Every last Friday of the month from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Mandatory reservation: [email protected]

Price: 15€ per family.

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A wonderful workshop which encourages children’s natural creativity and individual imagination. With artist Mandy (from Tallers Creatius) running the workshop, parents and children together are invited to join this fascinating artistic journey.

Infants (12-36 months)

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Multilingual Summer Camp

The most fun camp in the coolest place in the city!

5 trips a week to the park, the beach, museums, and a swimming pool

In Spanish and English with native teachers.

Each week has a different theme and every day includes dancing, sports, swimming, outdoor games, crafts, yoga, costumes, theater, and music.

In an elegant, clean, and fresh environment.

Personalized care (max 6 children for each monitor)

Nutritious catering (breakfast, lunch, and a snack)

Schedule: every day of the summer, starting after the schools close until the opening of the new school year.

From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00


12-36 months that stay in the center.

4-9 years participating in the excursions.

Possibility of half days and single days.


Christmas Camp

Camp with activities and outings to fit the Christmas theme


Easter Camp

Camp with activities and outings to fit the Easter theme


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Christmas Camp

Camp with activities and outings dedicated to the theme of Christmas


Easter house

Camp with activities and outings dedicated to the theme of Easter


Our beautiful 400 square meter space is located in one of the most exclusive and centric areas of Barcelona. We are right next to Gaudi’s Casa Calvet, and just a few steps from La Pedrera, Casa Batlló, and Passeig de Gracia. Our club is designed for children to enjoy the wide range of activities that we offer. Our programs include:

A fitness room for Dance, Play Yoga, Music, Zumba, and much more
Psychomotor room for children between the ages of 12 -36 months
A multipurpose Kids Zone for creative, fun activities.
Televisions for our multilingual Cine Forum.
Professional team of monitors and native English speakers
Baby-Sitting services by the hour
School pick-up service
Tailored services for any personal requirements
Personalized catering
Specialized packs for groups and siblings

MORE INFO: [email protected]

Our family friendly lounge

Creative Activities related to the City of Barcelona

A Very Special Store

Pack 3 hours:

For the morning or afternoon with snack included
Free use of the entire center and activities offered
Pick-up service from residence
Monitor for individual care
Barcelona Activity Pack
Extra costs: taxis + requested lunch

Pack 5 hours:

For the morning or afternoon with snack included
Free use of the entire center and activities offered
Pick-up service from residence
Monitor for individual care
Barcelona Activity Pack
Extra costs: taxis + requested lunch

Pack 8 hours: Option (Full Day):

All day 9:00 – 17:00
Breakfast and snacks included
Free use of the entire center and activities offered
Monitor for individual care
Barcelona Activity Pack, Trip to the swimming pool: HOLMES PLACE
Extra costs: taxis + requested lunch

Specialized packs for groups and siblings


Babysitter 10 euros / hour
Child Phycologist
Speech Therapy (Castilian, Catalan, German, English)
Speech Therapy (Italian)
Psychomotor (Italian, English, Spanish)
Sleeping Consultant
For more information, contact: [email protected]

MORE INFO: [email protected]